Datasheet - Cotton Webbing

About the Product


Read the technical info about Cotton webbing

  • All Qualities are delivered with pre-stretched and waterproof treatment.
  • Average elongation from 0-3% at 100 kg load, so it’s ideal to use if you want to avoid the webbing will start to “hang” after a certain time of use.
  • Waterproof treatment avoids fluid substances (e.g. red wine) to be absorbed in the webbing right away. You can just remove the fluid with a cloth.
  • WARNING < size=”4″>, we cannot guarantee a good result if you let the “accident” stay overnight.
  • Quality can be delivered with fire-resistant treatment according to BS DIN 4102B2
  • The big standard colour range and our factory can dye all colours according to customer wishes.
  • Colour fastness is 4-5 on a scalar, where 5 is the best.
  • The minimum goes from 3.000 m and up according to the requested width and colour.


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